Is The Hollow Brick Really Not Shockproof

- Nov 19, 2019-

1 hollow brick is lighter than ordinary solid brick. If the block is large, the stability is good, the gray joints are less, and the weak links are less. When the body is light, the resulting seismic stress is also reduced accordingly.

2 The groove on the surface of the hollow brick and the hole of the porous brick not only increase the contact area with the masonry mortar, but also the pin bond formed by the solidification of the mortar which is squeezed into the hole during the building to enhance the bonding strength between the mortar and the brick and the masonry Overall performance. The measured data of the Institute of Earthquake Research of the China Academy of Building Research and the Northwest Design Institute of China Architecture show that under the same conditions, the shear strength of the through-hole of the perforated brick is 18.4% higher than that of the solid brick, and the shear-cracking load and ultimate load-bearing capacity are increased by 17%, respectively. 19%, when the masonry belt is constructed with columns, it is 19% and 26% higher respectively.

3 In the construction of the house, the weight of the wall is often more than half of the total weight of the building. The porous hollow brick is much lighter than the solid brick, the weight of the building is also reduced, and the seismic stress is also reduced. The actual measurement shows that when the building's own weight is reduced by about 20%, the horizontal seismic force is reduced by about 15%.