Key Points Of Roofing Tile Construction

- Nov 16, 2018-

Key points of roofing tile construction: the quality of roofing system lies not only in tile, but also in construction. The construction technology of roofing tile is not only related to the overall beauty of the building, but also an important part of the overall quality of the building. Therefore, we should focus on the following points in the construction process of roofing tile

1. Check the current price before construction

For the flatness of concrete roofing, when the flatness of the roof should reach the inspection of the roof with a 2-meter length leaning plate, the height difference of the roof should be <3mm; otherwise, 1:2 cement mortar shall be applied to level it

2. In the laying method, anti-corrosion wood dry hanging or cement mortar horizontal tile can be used, and the dry-hanging process shall adopt anti-corrosion wood or asphalt coating agent for surface anti-corrosion treatment of wood. Hang dry process