Material-Storing Device Of Block Machine

- Aug 25, 2017-

               The use of closed belt conveyor, strict control of the small amount of half storage material, to do with the use, to prevent the impact of the aftershocks of concrete in advance liquefaction, to ensure product strength. Unique Vibration form: the use of computer to control the flow of hydraulic system, pressure, the completion of vertical synchronous vibration, frequency, brake; the advanced stage molded vibration form makes concrete fully liquefied and vented in 2-3 seconds. By using excess oil, the pressure is converted into shock force, which basically eliminates energy consumption.Block Machines

               Reasonable vibration distribution: the mould box is locked on the vibrating table by the stripping oil cylinder, and the clamping device is fitted with a special vibrator to enlarge the vibration speed. This kind of vibration form makes concrete quickly liquefaction, exhaust, make the product reach high-density, high strength. Can be used a large proportion of waste ash, slag, slag, slag, coal mining stone, ash, coal ash, stone shavings, construction waste can produce a variety of high quality load-bearing or not load-bearing products.Block Machines

               The unique blanking and breaking arch device enables the material to be fed into the mould box quickly and evenly, the special double end synthesis output vibration technology, the reasonable vibrator arrangement, causes the excitation force to distribute evenly in the shaking table. Thus ensuring consistency of product weight and strength. has an annual output of 80,000 cubic meters of standard blocks, standard brick 45 million production capacity. Classic Model: Its host is equipped with carpet machinery reciprocating oscillating mechanism cloth device, solve the industry cloth problem, greatly improved its productivity. The host vibrator uses the high speed heavy load structure, causes its life to be long 1 time times, can configure the back board system to be equipped with compensates the system, is equivalent to the storage multiplication mechanism, may raise at least 10% productivity.Block Machines