Materials And Tools Of Color Concrete

- Jul 09, 2018-

Materials and tools of color concrete include: demoulding powder, color hardening agent, protective agent, emulsion, pressing die and paper mould.

Die series (embossed floor) refers to the laying of the cast-in-place concrete at the same time, the colour enhancer, demoulding powder, protectant to decorate the surface of concrete, with natural stone colour and concave and convex texture on the surface of the concrete performance, green flag, granite, and even the visual effect of wood.

Good pulp molded series ZhiXuan paper form template styles, is arranged on the new pouring concrete, spray color enhancer to spread good template area, and leveling, drying after forming, pull out the template, cleaning the surface, and then on protective agent, new to day.

Spraying series is to apply spray materials uniformly to the cement surface, turning the grey cement surface into bright, bright colors, with special texture or patterns. This series of standard colors can be combined and modulated into numerous colors, and the price is low. Spraying has wear-resisting, durable, waterproof, prevent slippery ground features, its service life is very long, at least twenty years warranty on the ground, metope of longer life, and, in the case of weathered won't fall off, faded, can also add waterproof performance for cement met