Mobile Block Forming Machine Technology

- Apr 10, 2020-

The overall structure of the machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, and the rotating part adopts a mechanized device, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency. Up and down pressure, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, to achieve high density, high strength molding effect. One machine is multi-purpose, with different molds can produce

The multifunctional block forming machine produces block products of different shapes and different specifications. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, simple to operate, easy to maintain, and is not prone to failure to ensure normal production operation.

(1) The block machine is fixed, table vibration type, mechanical demoulding. The design of this model is advanced and reasonable, and the scope of application is wide.

(2) The use of 4 upright columns, accurate positioning, mold balance and stability, improve the density of the block, the block burr is small, and the appearance is good.

(3) The mold replacement is convenient, simple and easy to maintain.