Molding Machine Advantage

- Dec 15, 2018-

1. Compared with the traditional clay brick machine, the block forming machine can use industrial waste residue: coal powder ash, coal gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tailings slag as the main raw materials. More environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, and recycling of waste.

2. The block forming machine adopts the three bars up and down to press and form once, and can be stacked immediately after molding. It does not need a piece of brick board. It is the latest model in domestic block bricks.

3. The bricks produced by the block forming machine are low in cost and profitable. Considering all the necessary costs, each standard brick costs 9 cents, and the market price is 2-3 times.

4. The block forming machine body is made of high-precision, high-strength castings and special welding technology and materials. It has good rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life.

5. The block forming machine adopts the table mold combined with hydraulic pressure forming, adopts the round-trip guiding feeding device, the molding cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the block quality is high and the strength is high, and the size is accurate.

6. The block forming machine adopts the integrated technology of machine, electricity and liquid, which makes the cycle of the operation of the equipment consistent. Therefore, the molding yield is high and the stability is high, and the reject rate is low.

7. The block forming machine is multi-purpose. Through the replacement of the mold, it can produce porous bricks of different specifications, hollow blocks, curbstones, pavement bricks and grass-planting bricks, and grate bricks and other cement products.

8. Programs can be programmed according to production needs to achieve manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation.