Multi-layer Paving And Transfer Vehicle Joint Operation

- Jan 07, 2019-

With the change of construction technology, more and more multi-machine paving technology will be adopted to prevent side and seam segregation from being a problem we should consider. At the same time, in order to prevent temperature and pellet segregation, the transfer vehicle may be more and more coming. The more the adoption, on the other hand, the transfer paving construction process is the best verification of the current rationality of highway structure design, the standardization of construction management and supervision system, and the rationality of mechanization.

In short, with the continuous formation of the road network and the continuous improvement of the construction process, the development speed of the paver will be slowed down, and the requirements for the paver will become more and more reasonable. The paver will continue to update its technology while its price will be relatively stable. We believe that pavers will eventually develop healthily and steadily on the basis of technical and market requirements. Domestic paving opportunities will become a new force in highway construction in China.