Multifunctional Cement Tile Machines

- Jul 15, 2017-

            Multi-functional cement brick machine is different from the traditional cement brick machine, developed by Shanghai Asia-Pacific Mining Machinery NET, is a kind of brick-making machine equipment, its main use is used for cement brick, multi-functional cement brick machine produced cement bricks raw material source is very extensive, there are river sand cement, slag water, slag, fly ash, stone powder, coal gangue, steel slag, construction waste and so on.Cement Tile Machines

            Multi-function cement brick-making machine has two main types of pressurization, one is one-sided, the first impact type, brick material in the press from one side of the pressure, a shock from the other is a double-sided compression type, the pressure process is segmented. The first paragraph is lighter, the second paragraph is heavier, and the third section acts on both sides of the yucheng forming process, and there is a period of downtime between each paragraph to exclude air. The purpose of the brick embryo forming is to process the loose mixture into the required specification of the brick embryo, the quality of the brick is taken to a large extent on the quality of the brick embryo, the output of the cement press brick determines the factory output, therefore, the brick forming is a key process in the cement brick production. Cement bricks without aggregate, when the use of one-sided impact pressure, the limit molding pressures only six to eight PA, and the use of both sides of the compression pressure, the limit of forming pressures reached 10 to 12 kpa, with the progress of the limit molding pressure, brick embryo compactness progress, volume density increased, product quality accordingly improved.Cement Tile Machines

           As a result of multi-functional cement brick machine production cost is not very high, coupled with the new building materials and the popularization of the application, so, multi-functional cement brick machine has been a comprehensive popularization and promotion.Cement Tile Machines