Multifunctional Cutting Machine For Ceramic Tile

- Dec 03, 2019-

Ceramic tile multifunctional cutting machine is also a kind of simple and practical machine used in ceramic tile processing plant, which generally needs to be used together, that is, ceramic tile edging machine and   ceramic tile cutting machine. With the modern society entering the era of science and technology, the multi-functional ceramic tile has also entered a new generation, and many high-quality ceramic machines have been designed. At present, there are two kinds of universal cutting machines in the market: 800 multi-functional cutting machine and 1.2m multi-functional cutting machine.    many new functions have been added from the function extension of the old type of ceramic machine, and many new products have been developed   the present ceramic tile edging machine has the functions of   arc edging, anti sliding groove opening, 45 degree chamfering and polishing, trimming, rear chamfering   main purpose:   ceramic tile cutting, production of step / Step brick, floor / anchor line brick, marble and other stone tile processing