New Energy-saving And Environmental Protection Cement Tile Machines

- Aug 17, 2017-

             New energy-saving and environment-friendly cement brick machine development prospect Infinite estimate! With the National Environmental Protection Department vigorously advocated, energy-saving environmental protection equipment more and more love people's welcome! The birth of such equipment, not only energy saving and emission reduction, but also to treasure the society to create a more substantial economic benefits. 2021 cement brick machine equipment industry will become a more popular industry, on the one hand, China has now produced a growing variety of brick machine equipment, such as cement brick machine, hollow brick machine, hydraulic block machine, automatic brick machine. Concrete brick machine, gangue brick machine and many other multi-purpose brick machine equipment in the continuous updating and research and development, product level and quality is gradually improving, the market competitiveness has been enhanced, has been able to fully meet the actual needs of users in all fields, this will be China's brick machine equipment in the market before the future of the infinite.Cement Tile Machines

             The automatic cement brick machine uses the computer interface operation, it provides the extremely convenient, the formula memory, the fault diagnosis, the analysis product density, the adjustment feeding proportion to the fault inquiry, the monitoring and so on. The system is controlled by the computer frequency conversion, amplitude vibration, low frequency feeding, high-frequency vibration, the table molding to allow the concrete in a moment fully liquefied, exhaust, in order to achieve high-density, high-intensity. The car is fitted with a broken arch device, and the material is sent into the mould box quickly and evenly, and the product quality error is very small.Cement Tile Machines

             The Silver Horse Cement brick machine uses the natural tailings slag, the construction rubbish, the steel slag, the slag, the coal ash, the coal gangue, the sand and so on the waste as fills the material, uses the Portland cement as the cementing material, the Silver Horse formula specially formulated binder, with the new technology to obtain the cement brick, the surface color is diverse, the chroma lasts evenly, has the green environmental protection, the low cost, the high strength, the esthetic practical characteristic; In addition to the machine can produce green environmental protection, low-cost, high-strength, beautiful and practical cement bricks.Cement Tile Machines