Operation Matters Of Block Machines

- Nov 01, 2017-

Intelligent control is equipped with data input and output device one-click Touch-type liquid crystal display monitor the whole process of mechanical operation, truly realize the ideal man-machine dialogue, automatic analysis of specific materials, density operation, security logic control and fault diagnosis system.Block Machines

Hydraulic system adopts single cylinder hydraulic, conveying, double cylinder hydraulic and conveying. The independent hydraulic integration station avoids the influence of the host vibration on the hydraulic system, thus ensuring the reliability of the hydraulic system work.Block Machines

have been trained staff, not alone to operate hydraulic block machine. Operators must carefully read and understand the hydraulic block machine operation manual without exception, hydraulic block machine machine, electricity, liquid principle and installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, maintenance has in-depth understanding, and the operation of the training, after special assessment, to confirm their ability to this position, the square quasi-operation hydraulic block machine.Block Machines

Hydraulic block machine to the fuel tank injection should be used 10 micron filtration device, absolutely not allow no filter device directly oiling. The hydraulic block machine is provided with oil filtration and a separate filtration cooling system, and the filtration precision is 10 microns. In order to clean the oil, reduce the fault, in general the case of the filtration system each year to replace 4 of the filter is necessary, only the use of new filter, the old filter is not allowed to scrub. Filter core must adopt high quality filter, such as micro-fine filter core. Suitable for low quality filter core, not only can not play a role in filtering, but also damage the press!Block Machines

The quality, cleanliness and working viscosity of hydraulic oil of hydraulic block machine determine the reliability of hydraulic system of block machine, and the efficiency, life and economy of hydraulic block machine. Anti-wear hydraulic oil must be used to enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of the system, and the reliable work of pumps and hydraulic valves is of great benefit. It is strongly recommended that the hydraulic oil should be used in accordance with the above oil characteristics if the hydraulic oil is used.Block Machines