Other Correlation Of Cement Tiles

- Jun 06, 2018-

Cement tile national acceptance standards

1. Standards: JC/ t746-2007 national standards for concrete tiles.

Ii. General provisions:

1. Raw material:

1.1 cement should comply with GB175 GB1344 GB12958, GB/T2015, JC/T870 rules.

1.2 aggregate shall comply with GB/T14684.

1.3 when hard and dense industrial waste residue is used as aggregate, it shall not have harmful effects on the quality of concrete tiles, and relevant technical requirements shall comply with the provisions of ybj205-1984.

1.4 fly ash shall comply with the provisions of GB/T1596.

1.5 water shall comply with the provisions of JGJ63.

1.6 admixture shall comply with GB8076.

1.7 the pigments shall comply with the stipulations of JC/T539.

1.8 the coating shall have good properties of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and salt resistance.

2, appearance

2.1 the concrete tile should have clear shape, regular edge and complete roof tile claws.

2.2 if there is a fixed hole in the concrete tile, its arrangement should ensure the safe and reliable connection between roof tile or fitting tile and tile hanger rod. The arrangement and structure of fixed hole should not affect the normal function of concrete tiles.

2.3 there should be no obvious color difference between monochrome concrete tiles within the covering width, and the color of polychrome concrete tiles shall be determined by both parties.

3. Requirements:

3.1 appearance quality

The appearance quality of concrete tiles shall comply with the verification in the following table:

The serial number





Chamfer: the damage dimensions on both sides of the normal surface of the tile shall not be greater than




Tile Angle of incomplete

Allows a missing claw, but less than a third of the height of the claw


Defect of side bar: shortage and fracture of side bar

Don't allow


The length of the polished edge shall not exceed (the damage width caused on the normal surface of the tile is not greater than 5mm)




The crack

Don't allow



Don't allow



The tile surface coating is intact

3.2 allowable dimensional deviation:

Allowable deviation of concrete tile size shall comply with the following table:

The serial number




Absolute value of length deviation

4 mm or less


Absolute value of width deviation

3 mm or less


Founder degrees

4 mm or less



3 mm or less

Questions and answers on common knowledge of cement tiles

I. composition of cement tiles:

Cement tiles are made of Portland cement, yellow sand, water and paint. Use acrylic acid as a sealing protective film in its outer layer of uniform coating.

Ii. How to make cement tiles:

Mix raw materials properly to ensure consistency. It is then extruded through a high-pressure moulding tool to cut each piece of tile with a nail hole. Each cement tile is thus insulated and moisture-proof after leaving the tool. Cement tiles need to be placed a few days before they leave the factory to maintain the cement. Every link of production needs to be supervised and managed by advanced machinery equipment and professionals.

3. Minimum slope suitable for cement flat tile roof:

The best waterproof feature is the red tile. Its product design comes from Europe, it is suitable for the waterproof tile of open roof, its waterproof function is more guaranteed on the concrete roof. More than 17 ° on the roof of lap 100 mm, more than 22.5 ° on the roof of lap 75 mm.

Life of cement tiles

Cement tiles can last up to 50 years or more. But what we've seen is that the concrete tile roof in Germany has protected the roof structure for 150 years. But the color is different from the material used by different manufacturers. Generally speaking, the roller pressure through body cement tile is better than the mold pressure spraying cement tile.

Can I walk on my roof?

Yes, but be careful. It is dangerous to walk on any sloping roof. If you want to wash Windows or install on the roof of your landscape lamp, please stand in one third of roof and then put your body centre of gravity is close to the roof, to avoid stepping on cutting or ridge tile and gable put it. Most professionals know that if they need to install the tiles or clean up the chimney and must be on the roof for a long time, they will put a piece of board to ease and the weight of the tools.

V. under what circumstances will the tiles be damaged, and why are the corners of the tiles easily damaged?

Broken tiles are the most common occurrence during a snowstorm. But sometimes some people walk in rude on roof, or sometimes too close to the tiles laid (we call on to a certain distance between tile and tile), and building subsidence area will cause the damage of the tiles.

If we find broken tiles on the roof of our house, will my roof leak in the coming rainy season?

Usually not, there are a lot of roof waterproof material (tarpaulin paper) to provide a second safeguard. But the broken tiles should be replaced quickly to ensure rain stays on the roof and to protect the tarmac from the sun.

The difference between the body tile and the coating tile? Is it important to have tiles all over?

There is a difference in color durability between the all-body tile and the coated tile. The all-body tile has a longer color retention time. The biggest difference is that in aesthetics, the coated tile has a high gloss surface and the overall tile surface is not smooth. However, because the color on the surface of the tile is extruded by cement, the coated tile is not recommended for use in areas with severe snow and ice.

8. What is the wind resistance of cement roof?

The weight of the tile and the wind resistance buckles on individual tiles are enough to withstand winds of 80 kilometers per hour. In areas with high wind speeds, special fixed tiles are used to withstand winds of 140 kilometers per hour.

9. In the case of high wind speed, how is the tile fixed?

Unfortunately, that's not a question with a fixed answer. It depends on many factors. The average height of the roof, the forecast of the highest wind speed, the construction in which country, the parts of the roof (the roof's topography and perimeter) and the requirements of local officials. If you have definite questions, you can email me and I will give you an accurate answer.

How do roof tiles resist cold weather?

Cement tiles have good compactness and durability, so they can be used in cold areas. Nor does freezing affect the structure of the tile's interior. There is a special kind of snow blanket that can be used to encase snow on the roof to prevent it from falling from the roof to the ground. Under each roof tile, there is a naturally occurring air bag, which can be properly adjusted and ventilated when the tiles expand and contract due to temperature changes.