Paver Type

- Dec 24, 2018-

(1) Gravel:

An aggregate spreader is one of the pavement construction machines. A construction machine that can evenly spread gravel on a roadbed. Mainly composed of hopper, support roller, skid, V-shaped scraper, widened side plate and running wheel.

(2) Asphalt concrete:

The asphalt mixture is evenly spread on the road base and the initial tapping and leveling machinery is carried out. It is divided into track type and tire type. It consists of traction, paving and tapping, and ironing. The former includes racks, power units, walking gear, hoppers, door doors, scraper conveyors, spiral spreaders and cabs. The latter consists of a towing arm, a tapping mechanism and a screed (consisting of screed, thickness adjuster, crown adjuster and heating unit)