Pneumatic Brick Making Machine For Cement Tile Machines

- Aug 06, 2017-

              The utility model discloses a base wet soft cement brick machine, which has two claw arms and a boom, and a guide wheel is arranged at both ends of the boom, wherein a hollow shaft is fixedly connected with one end, and the hollow shaft is mounted in the bearing seat at the top of the supporting frame. The end has a locking nut; the supporting frame is provided with a guide wheel, and the bottom is fixedly connected with the base, and the base is fitted with a 

connected motor and a worm gear reducer with a roller, and the bottom of the base is fitted with a walking wheel and a steering wheel, and the two sides of the base are ; The roller of worm gear reducer has wire rope, and the wire rope passes through the guide wheel of the supporting frame in turn, the hollow shaft, the hanging arm of the guide wheel after the connection hanging hook; the middle distribution shaft of two claw arms is cross connected, and the upper part of two claw arms is fixedly connected with a return spring and an active connection, and a rubber sleeve is fixed on the lower claw head of two claw arms. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, and can be used to set base of the wet and soft cement bricks, save time and effort, operate fast, and can also be applied to cement brick loading operation.Cement Tile Machines

              The utility model provides a fixed type hollow cement brick machine, which is characterized by a sprocket 1 transmission on the output shaft of the reducer, a chain 16 driving hopper 5 and a die 7 mechanism. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable, compact and simple, fixed-type production does not occupy large area of the building site, saving investment, high yield, good quality, low cost and wide applicability.Cement Tile Machines

              The utility model discloses a pneumatic cement brick making machine. The brick making machine includes a frame, a brick mould box, a compacting frame, demoulding cylinder, compaction cylinder and vibration pump, compaction frame and brick mold box up and down corresponding to the setting on the rack, the compaction frame through the compaction of the cylinder can be up and down the movement of the setting, brick mold box through the ejection cylinder can be up and down the movement of the setting, brick mold box Set vibration pump The utility model is responsible for pouring the cement into the brick mould box, and the 

power supply can control the compacting frame of the compaction cylinder to press the concrete in the brick mould box, vibration pump driven brick mold box to do the vibration to make the cement fully mixed, conducive to compacting the solid cement, waiting for the compaction of the solid frame in place, stop the vibration pump, brick mold box from the ejection cylinder upward push to the demoulding, cement brick manufacturing completed. Compared with the existing artificial brick, pneumatic brick to liberate the labor force, improve the level of automation, but also ensure the quality of brick making, improve the efficiency of making bricks, improve the benefits.Cement Tile Machines