Points For Attention To The Beauty Of Roofing Cement Tiles

- Jun 15, 2020-

Points for attention to the beauty of roofing cement tiles

To make the roofing cement tile beautiful, pay attention to the following items:

 1. The tone is soft and even, the cement tile is not dazzling and bright, and it is a matte type. Because of poor materials, small factory tiles do not pay attention to color, and often the color is black and ugly.

 2. There is no color difference between tiles. After going to the house, the color of each tile is even and uniform, there is no difference in shade, and there is no mottling.

 3. The color is durable, "wind", sun, rain will not fade. Some small factories cannot paint the cement paste uniformly because of the poor equipment and inadequate technology. This kind of tile peels off the paint skin in a short time, and the bottom is exposed. The color tile will not be colored by the cement tile, and the mottle is very ugly.

 4. The tile-shaped slope pattern is soft and gives people a sense of beauty. The cement tile shape of the big factory is carefully designed by experts from the perspective of art, and it will give a beautiful and intimate feeling to the roof. The small factory tiles did not undergo this kind of scrutiny design. After the tiles were put on the house, they gave a mechanical stiff feeling and looked very uncomfortable.

 5. Size, lap tight cement tile, small pavement error. Good colored cement tiles, after paving, all straight and horizontal lines are straight, as neat as printing, very beautiful. Large dimensional errors or warpage often cannot be paved. If the tile mold is made of iron sheet, it can't produce the tile with accurate size at all. No one can use this tile. For example, the width of the tile is only 2mm. If 100 tiles are lined up, the difference will be 20cm, which is wider than half of the tile. The tile will naturally become inclined and cannot be paved. If the tile is warped, the gap after paving is large, and it will not be beautiful.

 6. Good frost resistance. Cement tiles are in the north, and it is not uncommon for winter temperatures to drop to minus 10°C. If the density of the tile is not good and the water absorption rate is high, if the snow water is absorbed during the day, the colored layer will burst at night and it will slowly peel off, which will damage the tiles. The tiles of the small factory are not compacted due to high-pressure rolling, and the compactness of the cement tile machine is not good, so the service life of the tile will not be long.