Portable Tile Cutting Machine

- Jul 15, 2017-

              Hand-held ceramic cutting machine is a kind of non-electric ceramics cutting machine, and other electric ceramic cutting By contrast, hand-held ceramic tile cutting machine appears more accurate, convenient, fast, environmental protection, safety, energy saving and practical. Because, electric-type ceramic cutting machine cutting principle is: "High-speed operation", and this so-called "high speed operation" The disadvantage is too much noise and dust too much. Because the speed is too fast, plus no platform control, for cutting the straight line is very difficult, and the use of very inconvenient, operators more laborious, also very unsafe. Also known as manual self-test type ceramic tile cutting machine (manual tile knife, manual tile cutting machine, manual tile pull machine, manual tile push Knife, hand-push-type ceramic tile cutting machine, portable tile cutting machine, wall and floor tile cutting machine, manual wall floor tile cutting machine).Tile Machines

             1, hand-held ceramic tile cutting machine and then cut back, pull "push" to the highest control position to avoid the blade and tile collision, otherwise, the blade will be unable to use because of defects. 2, for antique or other concave and convex body, such as ceramics, please change another special blade cutting, Shang surface ceramic will shorten the manual ceramic tile cutting Machine blade life. 3, the operation can not use manual tile cutting machine blade to press broken bricks. 4, the cutting process, when the knife cutting line thinner and lighter, ceramic tile compression cracked brick edge shape is more beautiful. On the contrary, the deeper and thicker the knife line, brick side split the shape of the brick bottom more oblique more crooked, serious even like jagged, so push the hand-held ceramic tile cutting machine must be light, but the top of the ceramic tile cutting line can not be interrupted, otherwise the tile will appear the phenomenon of jumping.Tile Machines

             Cutting, the finer the knife, the smaller the brick edge after the crack is more and more beautiful, on the contrary, the deeper and thicker cut out of the brick edge of the more oblique and ugly. So push must be light, but the tiles cut on the knife can not be interrupted, otherwise, the tile will appear collapse angle.Tile Machines