Problem Operation Of Color Tile Machine

- Dec 16, 2019-

Problem operation of color tile machine

In the normal use of the color tile machine equipment, the system traffic suddenly becomes abnormal should refer to the following aspects:

First, the problem of hydraulic oil for color tile machine equipment

High viscosity pump is difficult to suck oil; low viscosity increases leakage and low volumetric efficiency. The hydraulic oil of suitable viscosity should be replaced.

Second, the problem of color pump machine hydraulic pump

1. The internal parts are severely worn or damaged and their performance is degraded. Parts should be repaired or replaced;

2.Hydraulic pump suction

Third, the problem of hydraulic valve of color tile machine equipment

1. The pressure of the overflow valve is not adjusted properly and should be adjusted correctly according to requirements;

2. The reversing valve is not in place or stuck, and the reversing valve should be repaired.

Fourth, the problem of color tile machine equipment actuator

To see if the sealing of the tile machine equipment is damaged or whether the internal leakage has increased, if there is a problem, the seals should be replaced in time.

Fifth, the problem of the color tile machine equipment oil pipe and fuel tank

1. The oil suction pipe or oil filter is blocked, and the blockage should be eliminated;

2. The oil suction seal is not good. Check and replace the sealing gasket.

3. The oil level in the fuel tank is too low, and oil should be added to a suitable oil level.