Production Operation Steps Of Block Machine Equipment

- May 07, 2020-

First of all, we need to understand that the overall power of the block machine equipment is completed by three vibrators and a motor, and some models will have two motors; common block machine equipment is combined by three inverted switches. The reverse switch generally controls the lifting motor, up-shock, and down-shock. Generally, the down-shock controls two vibrators and the up-shock controls one vibrator. After the loading is completed, the down-shock needs to be turned on to fully fill the material. Then put one or two centimeters of required material layer to make the indenter have a shockable layer; when the switch is turned on, the lower shock switch is turned on first, and then the upper shock switch is turned on, according to the structure of the produced brick, the vibration time is appropriately controlled, and the general hollow brick vibrates 4-8 seconds, standard bricks can be shaken for 3-6 seconds (other bricks with different thickness and thickness vary according to the site conditions and raw materials); after turning off the vibration button, wait for the aftershock caused by the vibration motor to disappear, and then turn it on Lifting the button can demold smoothly. This point needs to be controlled is the control of the vibration time. If the time is too long, it will cause difficult demolding if the material is dry.

The above are the simple and clear steps to operate the block machine equipment. All models will understand the operation process as long as they understand the structure and production principle of the machine, then the operation process should be mastered in mind, and after a long time, the brick production will increase. .