Reasons For The Drop Of Mold Head Of Block Machine

- May 07, 2020-

1: The core of the mold is deformed or broken to block the indenter. Remedy: repair or replace the mold core.

2: Deformation of the indenter seat on the mold catches the mold core. Remedy: repair or replace the indenter seat.

3: Too much cement block or other debris is condensed on the head of the brick machine, and it is stuck when demoulding. Remedy: Clean the indenter base regularly.

4: The gap between the indenter foot and the mold core is blocked by sand and stone materials. Removal method: When the brick machine is distributing, reduce the residual sand and stone material on the surface of the mold frame; increase the lifting height of the mold frame and remove some residual material on the mold core.

5: The lack of oil on the column of the block machine causes the left and right sides to lift asynchronously. Solution: Clean the column frequently, report oil, and keep it clean.

In addition, some simple methods of correcting the position of the indenter are as follows: adjust the upper screw of the indenter (located near the sliding track wheel), loosen the screw and place the indenter smoothly in the mold box, and then tighten the screws in order.