- Oct 19, 2018-

Recrystallization is when annealing temperature is high enough, the time is long enough, the deformation of metal or alloy of fibrous tissue strainless new grain recrystallization (core), the new grains growing up continuously, until the original deformation organization completely disappeared, the performance of the metal or alloy also changed significantly, a process known as recrystallization, which generate new grain temperature is called began recrystallization temperature, microstructure dominated by the new grain temperature all referred to as the recrystallization temperature, the end of what is commonly called the recrystallization temperature is the beginning of recrystallization temperature and the recrystallization temperature of the end of arithmetic mean, Generally recrystallization temperature is mainly affected by alloy composition, degree of deformation, original grain size and annealing temperature.