Roof Tile Machines Tool Use

- Sep 21, 2017-

     Color steel tile roof bracket mounting system, installation attention matters installation stops working in stormy weather. Solar modules can be captured in the wind and make you fall. Solar cell assemblies that never step or sit on the glass surface. Glass can be broken, causing shock or bodily injury. The module can also stop generating electricity. Always supply additional solar module brackets with spare parts. The use of weaker parts, such as screws too short, is dangerous and can lead to solar modules or up and down.Roof Tile Machines

     Always use the prescribed tools. Solar modules or installation may drop if the installation is not strong enough, for example when the part is not tightened enough. Parts will not be modified or cut. It is dangerous to do so. There is no guarantee of security. Products should be installed and maintained personnel. Prevent unauthorized personnel from solar modules.Roof Tile Machines

     Installation steps: Determine the location of the roof hooks according to your design. The roof hooks must not be pressed against the roof tiles. Put it flat. If necessary, the gasket roof hooks with wood. If necessary, use a corner grinder, a hammer-cut concave tile covering the roof hook point on the roof hook is adopted. Warning´╝ü Cannot use fixed roof hook ladder, this extreme point load may damage tile below. Mounting rail roof hooks. Your track includes different lengths, always starting with the shortest piece. The mounting rail hooks are loose on the roof, using T-screw.Roof Tile Machines

     Mounting fixtures: Mounting connectors connect multiple rails together. A preloaded rail on the rear side of a sliding joint. Hold the first bolt firmly. And then slide down the rails into the stitching. When you come together, tighten the bolts. The connection is complete. Widen the gap in rail joint recommendations. Leave a notch, the width of a finger.Roof Tile Machines