Seasonal Protection Method For Cement Tile Machine

- Jul 22, 2019-

 The most basic maintenance methods for cement brick machine equipment in the winter are as follows. The middle technicians share it for everyone: in autumn and winter, pay attention to the oil change, because the oil will easily produce slag stains when used for a long time, which is easy to cause parts. Different degrees of friction on each starting device, do not rush to production work, so that the machine first rotates three or two without working conditions to achieve the effect of preheating. The temperature of the water tank of the machine is high, preventing oil from being on the sand, so that the machine can not be lubricated during operation without friction. Winter temperatures should be low, and machinery and equipment should be covered after work.


     The automatic hydraulic brick machine is referred to as the hydraulic brick machine. The hydraulic brick machine is a hydraulic power brick without brick machine, which is the mainstream model of large brick machine. It also distinguishes brickless brick machines by mechanical vibration. But don't think that the hydraulic brick machine does not need vibration, all brick machines rely on vibration to fully integrate the raw materials. The general hydraulic brick machine is larger than the mechanical vibration, and the price is also much different. It is much better than the mechanical in terms of brick speed and quality, but it cannot be generalized. Cement brick machine


     However, hydraulic brick machines, especially large hydraulic brick making machines, have always been the mainstream models of brick machines, with reference to the development experience of foreign brick machines. The automatic hydraulic brick machine vibrates in a table mode and vibrates vertically, so the molding effect is good. Applicable to urban and rural small and medium concrete block factory and municipal cement products factory. It mainly produces all kinds of wall blocks, wall decoration split blocks, wall solid bricks and porous hollow bricks, colored pavement bricks and grass bricks, water slope blocks, lattice block blocks, insulation blocks and Chimney blocks, and so on. Cement brick machine


      Fully automatic hydraulic brick making machine features: hydraulic ladder trapezoidal arrangement, three-dimensional assembly, ensuring sufficient hydraulic system pressure, easy maintenance, no leakage troubles; four-bar guide rail and excellent long guide sleeve for ensuring precise operation of the head and mold; Made of thick-walled super-strength steel and special welding technology, the extremely solid oil circuit system uses a raised circuit to ensure cleanliness of the pipe, good heat dissipation, installation of inlet coolers, rapid reduction of hydraulic fluid temperature and extended service life of the hydraulic system.