Size Problem Of Tile Machines

- Nov 01, 2017-

The details are as follows: Look at the surface quality of tiles, the following in accordance with glazed tile and vitrified brick two aspects to be introduced: glazed tile: Mainly to see whether there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, there are no scratches, color spots, missing edges, lack of angle and so on, the quality of the defects of the tile is relatively poor.Tile Machines 

Vitrified Brick: Glass Brick In addition to see whether the surface of the brick surface defects, but also pay attention to whether there is leakage, leakage, such as grinding defects. No matter what brand of products, embryos should have ceramic tile brand mark, check the bottom embryo trademark mark, the normal manufacturer of products on the embryo has a clear product trademark mark, if not or particularly vague, it is best not to buy.Tile Machines

Earth Brick (mainly refers to the living room and other ground use of vitrified brick or antique brick) with one hand to lift the tile side, with the other hand of the top of the palm of the middle of the tile, if the sound of vigorous and echo long like the sound of Copper bell, the ceramic tile is a higher degree of porcelain, wear resistance, flexural strength, low water absorption rate, not easily contaminated. If the sound is cloudy, there is no echo, then the degree of porcelain is low, the embryo of the ceramic tile is not enough, the abrasion resistance is poor, the flexural strength is low, the water absorption rate will be higher, so the vitrified brick is very easy to be polluted.Tile Machines

Check the size of the tiles to remove two pieces of the same type of product two pieces on the horizontal surface, use the hands of the tip of the hand back and forth along the edge of the tile sliding, if in the case of the tile is not the obvious lag of the feeling of the hand, the size of the tile is better, the error is small, The smaller the size of the error, the better the tiling effect. On the contrary, if there is a significant lag in the hands of the tile, the size of the tile is larger error, will affect the effect of paving.Tile Machines