Solution Of Anti-pollution Of Hydraulic Oil For Block Machine

- May 07, 2020-

The first is the outside, mainly the gravel or dust in the atmosphere, usually invading the system through the air holes of the oil tank, the shaft seal of the oil cylinder, the pump and the motor and other shafts. Secondly, internally, the contaminants remaining in the components during processing, assembly, debugging, packaging, storage, transportation and installation, of course, these processes cannot be avoided, but they can be reduced to a lower level, and some special components are being assembled and debugged It needs to be carried out in a clean room or clean bench environment. The other is the contaminants generated by the hydraulic system, the particles generated by the wear of the components during the operation of the system, the sand particles that have fallen off from the castings, the metal particles that have fallen off from the pumps, valves and joints, and the corrosion and peelings in the pipeline The particles and gums produced by the oxidation and decomposition of the oil are more serious because of the large amount of impurities that the system pipelines have not been washed before they are officially put into operation.