Structural Analysis Of Ceramic Mould

- Aug 01, 2018-

Structural ceramics

Powder molding, high hardness, molds are divided into upper die, lower die, concave die, and some products with holes will require core rod. In order to improve the service life and the consistency of the products, the working parts of the concave die and the core rod should be tungsten steel as far as possible. The simple shape of the upper and lower die can also be used to produce products with large output.

Electronic ceramics

Powder molding, according to different products, the pressing density will be different, most of the small products are solid small round pieces, using more than 20 station rotary press, die structure: upper die, lower die, concave die; When making, pay attention to the matching clearance, if the gap is not appropriate, it will cause stratification and lack of Angle.

Large circular electronic ceramics are pressed by a nine-station rotary press. The mold structure is: upper die, lower die, core rod and concave die.