Structural Characteristics Of Cement Tile Machines

- Sep 01, 2017-

     These years with the rapid development of the times, the demand of the market, a high-rise buildings erected, people on the building requirements with the more and more high, corresponding to the use of the brick life also has a higher demand, at the same time the test of cement brick machine thus opened the curtain. The development of anything can not be smooth sailing, as the prospect of the development of cement brick machine is also in the spiral rise, in the continuous groping for good stage.Cement Tile Machines

     The cement brick machine has the characteristics of compact structure, large compacting force, strong rigidity, full sealing dust-proof, cyclic lubrication, simple operation, high output and durability. Quality in the forefront of similar products, combined with years of research and production and market research results, summed up cement brick machine in the use of the process may appear hidden trouble, so that the cement brick machine users to prevent early in the future.Cement Tile Machines

     The vibration force of the vibrator is insufficient, the brick cycle is long or the brick is loose; the mold, the balance arm as well as the host each part appears to open the welding or the damage, the oil cylinder leaks the oil, the brick surface is loose, the brick body has the breakage phenomenon; The oil pump motor is suppressed or turns the difficulty, causes burns the motor, produces the brick to find the drum belly.Cement Tile Machines

     Cement brick machine with compact structure, large pressure, rigid, simple operation, high output, durable and so on, the equipment feed machine speed, rotating disc rotation and other parts of the most advanced technology, transmission power, smooth operation, in place accurate, low maintenance rate advantages. Cement brick machine in the absorption of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of the United State-level Research department, launched a new generation of static pressure cement brick machine. The machine is reasonable in structure, strong in steel, heavy in pressure, durable in operation and maintenance, and has the functions of pressure display, mechanical fault alarm, power phase sequence protection, automatic shutdown of overload and oil shortage, and convenient installation.Cement Tile Machines

     The cement brick machine own electricity consumption reduces 35%, the output may increase 30%, the structure design is more compact, the price has the superiority, the operation is more intelligent. and the equipment's vibration and vibration frequency also increased, in conjunction with the original hydraulic and auxiliary system, so that the production of the product brick strength, compactness has a considerable increase in amplitude. Cement Tile Machines

     Cement brick machine mold in the use of a certain period of time will have some wear, this is unavoidable. But if in the daily use to learn to maintain the correct mold, cleaning the mold can extend the service life of the mold. Cement brick machine mold is made up of mold frame, side plate, for this combination of mold cleaning and coating methods have a variety of, mainly with brush brush, brush painting is artificial brush on the mold oil work.Cement Tile Machines