Talking About The Market Sales Of Brick Making Machine

- Jan 15, 2020-

In the main unit of the cement brick making machine, the forming mold has two types: mobile mold and fixed mold. There are two types of mobile forms: turntable mold and reciprocating mold table. There are many molds on the turntable, and the operation efficiency is high. , The operating person, only used for small tiles to build a base, reciprocating chess equipment is divided into single mode and dual mode. Double chess one in and one out of the two mode replacement to restrict the bricks from making bricks, clearing and filling operations, can improve the operation Efficiency. But the shortcoming is the large area. There are also a few fixed molds. New types of fixed molds have more complete improvements in terms of fixing methods and mold changing facilities. Therefore, they are still widely used. The main machine is divided into upper pressure type and lower pressure type. Two types. Cement brick making machine is easy to realize large-scale and large-scale production, which makes up for its low working speed and has the advantage of high efficiency after large-scale. It is easy to realize automatic control, precise action, and is particularly suitable. It is matched with a microcomputer system. Therefore, the degree of automation of brick machines is generally high, and foreign brick machines have reached a fairly high level in this regard, which is consistent with the inevitable trend of mechanical development. It has high ultimate pressure and pressure tonnage Large, even fine-grained materials Fly ash, you can achieve a high density at high pressures in the case of less coarse aggregate.