Technical Characteristics Of Block Machines

- Jul 03, 2017-

            Block forming machine is a kind of machine which makes new wall material block by adding small amount of cement, such as fly ash, river sand, pebble, stone powder, fly ash, waste ceramsite slag, smelting slag and so on. The new wall material is mainly made of block and cement brick. Most of the use of hydraulic molding mode, but also the use of vibration molding. Block forming machine mute, static pressure mode. No noise, high output, high density. Without pallet maintenance, the maintenance cycle is short. Fewer personnel, no requirements for the work ground, many kinds of products.Block Machines

            The whole structure of the machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, the turning part adopts mechanized device, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Up and down pressure, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, high density, high strength molding effect. More than one machine, with different molds can produce different shapes, different specifications of block products. Parts of the mechanical structure easy to observe, easy to operate, easy to maintain, not prone to failure to ensure the production of normal operation.

            (1) Block machine for fixed, vibration-type, mechanical demoulding, the model design advanced and reasonable, wide range of application, the use of reducer, brake-think magnet curved arm around the demoulding. (2) The use of 4 pillars, positioning accurate, mold balance stability, improve the density of block, block burrs small, good appearance. (3) The replacement of the mold is convenient, simple and easy to maintain.Block Machines

            The above describes the big, medium-sized automatic block forming machine equipment, in addition, there are small block forming machine, in general, this equipment is defined according to the daily output size, Nissan standard brick in about 10,000 of the equipment, are called small, because the overall design of this equipment is relatively simple, so the user operation is also more convenient. Large block forming machine is generally used hydraulic and vibration molding, and small block forming machine is generally used vibration molding, but small equipment produced by the product quality is not inferior to large equipment.Block Machines