The Brick Machine Advantages

- Nov 21, 2018-

1. Make use of infrared positioning to avoid the tedious procedure of measuring the horizontal of the hanging line and vertical line of traditional bonded brick. This product has fast positioning and takes only 1 minute to complete vertical leveling and fixation.

2. Easy and simple operation. Adjustable according to the size and width of ceramic tiles.

3. High quality; This equipment is used to solve the problem of large error of air drum and vertical flatness in artificial clay bricks. This is a quality that can never be achieved by an artificial person.

4. Fast speed; A normal worker has more than four times the size of a clay tile a day. It can reach 40 to 200 square meters.

5. Easy to carry with light weight; The whole equipment weighs 20kg. All equipment in the fine aluminum alloy boxes can be pulled.

6. High precision; Each part of the product is made of high-grade aluminum and magnesium alloy by die casting, and the error is controlled at about 0.1mm.

7. Simple operation; It takes only ten minutes to complete the installation procedure before the tiles are glued. The width and height of the working surface can be adjusted arbitrarily.

8. Wide adaptability; The ceramic tile size of market can use arbitrary adjustment.

9. High efficiency and firmness. No need to be re-jointed after tiling.

10. The service life of the product can be more than 10 years, and the applicability of the product will make the truth speak, promote the effect and spread the word of mouth.