The Characteristic Of Producing Color Tile By Cement Tile Machine

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Unique waterproof structure

The trough-bottom structure of the tile can be achieved by the fine tile of the automatic cement color tile machine, which makes the rain water flow more smoothly and rapidly, avoiding the phenomenon of reverse flow of the ordinary cement tile made by rolling forming. In addition, the top part of the head of the moulded tile can block water, which is used on the horizontal roof without rainwater reverse flow.

2. Super strength

High-quality color tile is made by upper and lower moulding, with beautiful and vivid appearance, smooth and flat surface, precise size and uniform density. More than 200kg of folding strength is enough to allow construction workers to walk on the paved roof.

3. Convenient construction

Whether it is vertical laid or horizontal construction is convenient and feasible. In general slope roof, can not be hung tile, but also convenient to use the cutting machine at any Angle to wet cutting tile.

4. Strong wind resistance

The moulding color tile adopts the upper and lower upper and lower left and right bite the bevel and slope, which makes the roof form a close whole.

5. Permeability resistance

Due to the large tonnage of color tile press molding, high compactness and low water absorption, its anti-permeability is much higher than other types of tile.