The Characteristics Of Color Tiles Produced By Cement Tile Machine

- May 18, 2020-

The characteristics of color tiles produced by cement tile machine

1. Unique waterproof structure

The bottom structure of the tile valley, which can only be achieved by the fine tiles of the automatic cement color tile machine, makes the rainwater flow out more smoothly and quickly, and avoids the phenomenon of the reverse flow of the rainwater of the ordinary cement tiles formed by rolling. In addition, the molded part of the tile only has a water-blocking effect on the head that is higher than that of the tile, even if it is used on a horizontal roof, there will be no rain backflow.

2. Super high strength

The high-quality color tiles are manufactured by upper and lower molding, with beautiful and vivid appearance, smooth and smooth tile surface, strict and accurate size, and uniform density. The flexural strength of more than 200 kg is enough to allow the construction workers to walk freely on the already laid roof.

3. Convenient construction

Whether vertical or horizontal construction is convenient and feasible. On the general slope roof, it is not necessary to hang the tile, and it is also convenient to use the cutting machine to cut the tiles by the wet method at any angle.

4. Super wind resistance

The molded color tile adopts the upper, lower, left, and right sides to engage the inclined surface and the slope, so that the roof forms a tight whole.

5. Impermeability

Because the color tiles are molded by a large-tonnage press, the density is large, and the water absorption rate is low. Its anti-penetration performance is much higher than other tile types. When used in long-term rain and snow areas, there will be no water leakage.