The Development Of Cement Colored Tiles

- Jul 23, 2020-

The development of cement colored tiles

Cement colored tiles are produced at the expense of burning arable land. The State Council has clearly stipulated in (1992) No. 66 document that by the end of 2010, all cities will ban the use of clay tiles. The state provides policy encouragement and support for the development of new building materials products. The slope roof design trend of buildings has also opened up greater market demand for cement colored tiles.

Cement color tiles are resource-based, environmentally-friendly, economical and green new building materials that the country vigorously promotes. Its raw materials are widely and easily purchased, and the price is low. The product has fire resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat preservation and flame retardant, good heat and sound insulation, nailable, drillable, good processing performance, high strength, good flexibility, light weight, diverse colors, aging resistance, use Long life and other characteristics, it is the replacement product of clay tile, asbestos tile and color steel tile.

Cement colored tiles have the following characteristics:

1. The cement color tile has a large market demand and a broad market development prospect. It is your ideal building material product.

According to statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the annual investment in real estate development in my country is as high as one trillion yuan. The rapid growth of real estate investment and consumption has brought huge development space to the building materials industry. Domestic counties and cities use more than 500,000 pieces of asbestos tiles, iron sheet tiles, and more than tens of millions of pieces in provincial capitals. In addition, the problem of waterproof and heat insulation on the top floor of the building has not been completely solved, so the "flat to slope" has been vigorously promoted and applied, bringing unlimited business opportunities for the tile industry. The roofing materials for "flat to slope" currently promoted nationwide must have the characteristics of light weight, rich and colorful colors, good waterproof performance, simple construction, and moderate price. According to figures released by the Shanghai Municipal Housing Development Bureau, Shanghai started the "flat-to-slope" project in 2003. The annual roof material area is over 3 million square meters. At the same time, large cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, etc. The "flat to slope" project has also started one after another. In the next few years, the "flat to slope" project will provide a huge market space for lightweight roofing decorative materials. The market share of new wall materials will also increase rapidly at an average annual growth rate of 8%, and the future development of new wall materials is infinitely broad.

2. Cement colored tiles have high strength, multiple functions, light weight, low energy consumption, large single-piece area, high coverage rate and tight overlap. The color of the colored tiles can be arbitrary, not only can be made into a single color surface, and a variety of surface illusions. Colors can also be made into monochromatic and mixed colors, giving architects endless choices.

3. This cement colored tile has a unique waterproof structure, which makes the outflow of rainwater smoother and faster, and avoids the phenomenon of rainwater backflow.

4. Cement colored tiles are superior to clay tiles and cement tiles produced by extrusion in terms of external quality such as color and appearance, or internal quality such as bending resistance and impermeability, and service life.