The Development Trend Of Pavers

- Jan 02, 2019-

As China's highway grades tend to be diversified, grade roads, county roads, and urban roads are moving forward at unprecedented scales, standards, and speeds. At the same time, the speed of pavement construction is also increasing at the "fast speed". This promotes the mechanization of highway construction and puts higher and higher requirements on the construction machinery technology level, construction technology and pavement material and pavement structure design. The technical level of construction machinery and construction technology have an important impact on road grade and construction speed.

Modern road transport, the requirements for road pavement strength, stiffness, compactness, uniformity, flatness, driving comfort, high speed, safety, etc. are constantly increasing, and under the current mechanism of China's transition period, power and Authority can not fully exercise its reasonable responsibility, pay attention to short-term interests in pursuit of performance and political achievements, ignoring the cost of pavement construction, pavement construction, the apparent speed of construction and the huge battle of construction, resulting in artificial "mechanization", artificial "speed", artificial "quality" "The same has also brought about the rapid development of construction mechanization, so the main product paver, which is mainly responsible for the black road construction machinery of China's road network, has shown a rapid development trend and has been favored by the construction machinery industry.