The Historical Origin Of Brick And Tile Houses In China

- Jul 01, 2019-

Brick is a kind of building material made of clay, which is dried and fired at high temperature. The red pottery block of ling jiatan already had the basic element of brick completely, ought to call it brick.

There is no title of "brick" in the classics of pre-qin dynasty. In xushen's shuo wen jie zi in the eastern han dynasty, there is "tile" but no "brick". Notes by duan yucai of the qing dynasty: "every unburned element in a clay vessel is called a billet, and every burned tile is called a tile." Brick 甎, 塼." Brick "to" 甎 "arrangement, the earliest in beiqi YanZhiTui YanShi family precepts, eventually making"? Quot; Qi has sought to raise the capital, to move to the camp, meng zhao silver hundred liang, has been in the small suburb of yangzhou north brick. Ancient brick is also called "Pi", "Ling", "Ling steamer", "Ling Pi", "make Pi", "the monarch". (2) "poem, Martin, the magpie nests" : "the tang Pi." Ma Ruichen tong: "Pi brick." ", however, interpretation of the palace, ":" Ling retort of Pi." Also: "shanhaijing summarized the Pi brick. This jiangdong shout Ling Pi."