The Importance Of Terrazzo Floors To Building Construction

- Feb 07, 2020-

Want to do a building to build good must have firm foundation, want to make terrazzo floor tile production, so the material that makes cement floor tile is also the most important in the production, as we all know the material that produces floor tile has: sand, stone (or color stone), cement, other material. These are common building materials, but used in different plant production, although the role is similar, but the proportion still needs to be strictly controlled.

The preparation of the material is also closely related to the production of high quality floor tiles: 1, the use of cement is generally the use of Portland cement or 425 above Portland cement; Two, the choice of sand, cannot choose the sand with relatively high soil proportion, control in 3%, in order to ensure the quality of a material that produces a brick. The choice of 3, cobble, must choose quality good marble cobble, color should be unified, size is even, or mix in proportion to ensure to produce floor tile beautiful. Details determine success or failure, the production of terrazzo floor tile process details must also pay attention to, only in this way will become terrazzo machine industry strong in the strong.