The Industry Field Of Concrete Block Machine

- May 27, 2020-

The industry field of concrete block machine. 

It uses cement, sand, bean stone (or broken cliff, pebble or cinder, slag) as raw materials. It has the advantages of high hollow rate, good quality, low cost, not easy weathering and so on. 

It does not use clay, does not compete with farmland for land, does not use fuel, saves energy, uses cliff rocks by mountains, sand and gravel by rivers, and industrial waste residue by urban industries and mines. it is rich in raw materials, has a wide range of sources, and its production process is simple, less investment and quick results. It can be produced on a large scale, suitable for both rural and urban areas. 

Using it not only has advanced design, wide applicability and simple construction operation, but also can shorten the construction period and reduce the project cost. Concrete block machine has begun to be common in our country and shows its broad prospect more and more. 

This kind of equipment is also known as the unfired brick machine, that is to say, the cement bricks or hollow blocks produced do not need to be sintered, but can be left the factory after a short period of drying. 

It can be said that with less investment and quick results, it is a hot industry invested by many investors at present.