The Main Application Of Decorative Concrete

- Nov 14, 2018-

Decorative concrete can be widely used in residential, community, commercial, municipal and recreational occasions such as sidewalk, park, square, playground, noble community road, parking lot, courtyard, subway platform, swimming pool and other places of landscape creation, with high security and durability. At the same time, it is easy to construct, no compaction machine, color is also more vivid, and can form a variety of patterns. More importantly, it is free from topography and can be made at will. Adornment sex, flexibility and expressiveness, it is the distinctive character that decorates concrete is reflected.

The decorative concrete can be combined with specific patterns in red, green, yellow and other colors to achieve the following different functions:

· function of guarding and guiding traffic: such as at intersections, bus stops, dangerous areas on and off slopes, pavements and vehicles in need of guidance

Traffic separation.

· changes in surface functions: parking lots, bicycle paths, bus lanes, etc.

· improved lighting effect: light color can improve lighting effect, such as tunnel, viaduct and other areas with higher requirements for driving safety.

· beautifying the environment: reasonable use of colors helps to coordinate, harmonize and beautify the surrounding landscape, such as sidewalk, square, park and entertainment

Place, etc.