The Ministry Of Environmental Protection Has Launched A Special Enforcement Inspection On Environmental Protection In Brick And Tile Industries

- Apr 20, 2018-

          Environmental protection bureau (bureau) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, environmental protection bureau of xinjiang production and construction corps:

       Recently, according to the media reflect and our field investigation found, brick and tile industry enterprise widespread failure to install dust removal, desulfurization and on-line monitoring, such as environmental protection facilities, environmental protection facilities, most did not run normally, atmospheric pollution environment and law, etc. After the study, it is decided to carry out the inspection on the environmental protection of brick and tile industry nationwide, and crack down on the illegal behavior of enterprises in brick and tile industry. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

     I. work content.

A thorough screening of brick and tile industry enterprises, the key to the brick and tile industry enterprise construction project eia system implementation, atmospheric pollution prevention facilities construction and operation situation and situation of stable atmospheric pollutants discharging standard for inspection and fill in the brick and tile industry environmental protection special law enforcement inspection table "(see attachment). Specific contents include:

(I) implementation of the eia system. Check enterprises perform environmental impact assessment of construction projects, environmental protection "three simultaneity" system, especially in 2015, the newly revised "environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China, enterprise construction project eia system implementation.

     (2) construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and discharge of pollutants. Raw materials, fuel, crushing and shaping process of preparation of each producing dust point whether construction dust collecting device and dust removal facilities, artificial drying and calcining kiln supporting facilities for the dust removal and desulfurization, whether construction specification of discharge outlet, the normal operation of pollution control facilities whether. Since July 1, 2016, brick and tile industry enterprises, the brick and tile industrial air pollutants emission standards GB29620-2013) (table 2. Atmospheric pollutants emission limit value, organization of tile drying and calcining kiln, crushing, preparation of molding outfalls such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter and fluoride pollution factor surveillance.

     (3) unorganized discharge. Whether the raw material system is equipped with a closed raw material base, whether the batching system is equipped with the dust removal device, whether the total suspended particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and fluoride emissions in the enterprise boundaries meet the standard.

     (4) automatic monitoring facilities for air pollutants. Whether to construct automatic monitoring facilities for atmospheric pollutants according to relevant requirements, check whether the facilities are running normally, whether they are connected with the environmental protection department, and whether they reflect the true pollution status of enterprises.

        Ii. Work requirements.

    The environmental violations found in the special operation shall be investigated and dealt with in time according to law. If the construction project is commenced without the approval of the eia, it shall be ordered to stop construction, impose a fine and be ordered to return to its original state. For illegal enterprises that discharge pollutants in excess of the standard, they shall be ordered to make corrections and fined, and those who refuse to correct them shall be punished in a continuous manner on a daily basis. If the circumstances are serious, the people's government, which has the right of approval according to law, shall be ordered to suspend business and shut down. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on the prevention and control of air pollution in the People's Republic of China, the enterprises that fail to take effective measures to control and reduce the emission of particulate matter shall be ordered to make corrections and be fined; Those who refuse to make corrections shall be ordered to stop production and remediation. On automatic monitoring facilities of deception or normal operation of pollution control facilities to escape regulation way illegal discharge of pollutants, according to the environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China, shall be ordered to correct and impose a fine, transfer the case to the public security organs at the same time.

       The environmental protection bureau of the provinces (district and city) shall be invited to formulate specific work plans and urge the environmental protection departments at all levels in the administrative region to conscientiously carry out the inspection of the environmental protection of brick and tile industry. Before August 30, 2017, we will open up the list of enterprises, the renovation plan and the "inspection table for environmental protection of brick and tile industry"; Before the end of September, the special law enforcement inspection summary and the public cleaning and rectification will be made. My department will organize the investigation in due time.