The Operation Flow Of Cement Tile Machines

- Jul 03, 2017-

           Cement brick machine is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, scientific ratio, add water stirring, through the high pressure brick machinery to suppress the cement brick, hollow block or colored road brick machinery and equipment.Cement Tile Machines

           Adobe only use one kind of powder to suppress when only need a cloth car cloth, if the Adobe uses two layer of powder material to suppress then needs two cloth vehicles to carry on two times cloth, the cement brick machine corresponding mold core must have two times the blanking position to match. Two times the brick of cloth is generally to save cost more expensive noodles layer powder, and the brick bottom chooses the cheap powder material to make the double layer material brick to reduce the product cost.Cement Tile Machines

           Cement brick Machine mix material, the material should pay attention to, mix the material can not have the size of coarse aggregate or other different, hard things mixed, especially steel and other solid items, lest damage mechanical parts. Brick machine combined with new technical support, driving force can be achieved to produce a variety of high-strength load-bearing blocks and non-load-bearing blocks. Cement brick machine equipment combined with mixer, conveyor, batching machine, palletizing machine, etc. can realize automation procedures, can produce a variety of block and porous brick, but also can be installed layered cloth machine, finish smooth or color surface brick, road along the brick, etc., in the technology, best-selling field, production technology, environmental protection, etc. are people's favorite, in the production of bricks for each process is strictly enforced, strictly prohibit the use of different brackets, in order to prevent damage to the machine. Often check whether the pallet is clean, it is found that the bonded material block must be removed before it can be fed into the forming machine Pallet Library, and after the pressing molding of the cement brick machine, the bricks produced by each class must be cleaned up after the mould box, the pressure head and the remaining concrete mixture on the other parts of the machine are finished. Adjust the guide rail for each change of mould support plane, adjustment completed, necessary one by one lock adjustment points, check the relative dimensions and parts moving position, fixed proximity switch, must pass the manual linkage test and other production process, the goods sell a "leather" cement brick machine external beauty also important to verify the size, discharge may be wrong. In the cement brick machine operation must be fitted with all the protective cover and cover plate, check the electrical department grounding line to avoid leakage, short connection and so on.Cement Tile Machines