The Performance State Of Cement Tile Machines

- Sep 21, 2017-

     Cement brick brick machine equipment in the winter after the most basic maintenance methods have the following several, in the middle of the technical staff for everyone to share: In the autumn and winter alternating, to pay attention to the replacement of oil, because the oil used for a long time will easily produce slag stains, easy to cause parts of different degrees of friction In each start-up equipment, do not rush to the production work, so that the machine first without working conditions to rotate three two, to achieve the effect of preheating. Cement Tile Machines

     Machine of the machine tank temperature, to prevent oil on the sand, so that the machine can not be lubricated when running less, no necessary friction. Winter temperature to be relatively low, the machine equipment should be covered after work, in order to avoid snow and rain weather caused by freezing, oil condensation phenomenon.Cement Tile Machines

     In order to keep the machinery in good technical condition, ensure its reliability, improve working efficiency, prolong the service life and take a series of technical measures to the machinery. Its main content is to clean, fastening, lubrication and adjustment of the main, combined with the relevant inspection and testing work. All types of machinery and equipment in the "Use and maintenance manual" has a clear maintenance provisions, but in the actual work of this often did not attract enough attention.Cement Tile Machines

     The main manifestations are: the existence of "to repair the generation of foster" thinking. There is no technical maintenance plan, the machine often with "disease" work, only when the machine can no longer work, to send to repair. Due to the harsh environmental conditions of the site restrictions, technical maintenance does not according to the maintenance of the provisions of the "volume", but think what maintenance and see what maintenance what. Cement Tile Machines

    The quality of the personnel who attend the maintenance is low, cannot carry on according to the maintenance operation procedure, also does not have the corresponding maintenance record. When funds are scarce, they cannot be maintained on time, or the use of non-compliant oil and spare parts. In the period of tension in order to catch progress, do not make scheduled maintenance, ignoring the operation of machinery and forced operations.Cement Tile Machines

    Full-automatic hydraulic brick machine is referred to as hydraulic brick machine, hydraulic brick machine is the use of hydraulic power bricks-free brick machine, is a large-scale brick machine mainstream models. It is also to distinguish by mechanical vibration brick-free bricks-making machine. Cement Tile Machines

    But do not think that the hydraulic brick machine does not need to vibrate, ownership brick machine is to rely on vibration to make the raw materials fully integrated. The general hydraulic brick machine is bigger than the mechanical vibration, the price also differs many, in the brick speed and the quality is much better than the mechanical, but also cannot generalize. But the hydraulic brick machine, especially the large-scale hydraulic brick-making machine has been the mainstream model of brick machine, has the experience of foreign brick machine development reference.Cement Tile Machines