The Process Of Hot Rolling

- Oct 09, 2018-

Billet by heating the introduction, get rid of the iron oxide by high pressure water descaling, enter the four-roll reversing roughing mill are sufficiently, rolled into the middle blank. Suitable for continuous rolling process sufficiently neutral roller ensure the width of the steel plate accurately, intermediate slab after flying camber of the head, into the dissertation. A rolling into the required specifications, finally by the coiler winding. During the rolling process, high pressure water is used to descaling the steel plate. Hot rolling mill units usually adopt automatic control of the whole line, and adopt hydraulic AGC automatic control of thickness, strong bending roll system, rapid roll change and other new technologies. In the 1980s, hot strip rolling was widely used in hot strip rolling. The process features of short process, low energy consumption and high production efficiency have brought the tropical steel rolling into a new period. In recent years, with the development of hot rolled composite plate technology, the production of stainless steel composite coils in hot rolled units has been successfully completed to meet the market demand for stainless steel composite coils.