The Wide Application Of Tile Machines In Industry

- Sep 12, 2017-

    Modern ceramic tile processing plant uses more is the electric ceramic tile cutting machine, generally uses more is 800 type and 1200 type, also has with 8-16 Head arc polishing machine to use together, can run a ceramic tile processing factory, the equipment characteristic is the speed is fast, the precision is high, does not collapse the edge.Tile Machines

     Here the emphasis is on manual self-test type ceramic tile cutting machine, also known as manual tile Push knife (manual tile knife, manual ceramic tile cutting machine, manual tile pull machine, manual tile push knife) and so on. Manual self-test-type ceramic tile cutting machine is to eliminate pneumoconiosis environmental protection machinery! High-grade polished tiles, floor tiles, such as high hardness, with electric cutting opportunity to produce a collapse edge. and manual self-test-type ceramic tile cutting machine, to accurately cut the glaze surface, separation mechanism of the lever principle separation, cut neatly.Tile Machines

     Friendship tip: Cutting with electric tools, ceramic tiles, stone, especially dry cut, will produce a large amount of dust. These dust are mainly anhydrous silicate, also known as silica soil. Long-term inhalation of these dusts can lead to the following diseases: 1 lung disease, including chronic bronchitis, silicosis, pneumoconiosis, pulmonary fibrosis. 2 dermatosis, rash, skin ulcer and so on. 3 cancer, long-term exposure to certain substances such as metal particles, dust, chemicals, or pesticides can increase the risk of cancer.Tile Machines

     Multifunctional Tile stone Cutting machine factory product trial scope: applicable to high-speed cutting ordinary stone, such as granite, ceramic tile, marble and other stone, economic, sharp, water cut the application of a wide range; suitable for engineering construction and mass users; suitable for high-speed cutting general stone, add water cutting medium and high hardness stone, front, in the life of moderate, Suitable for small-scale engineering, non-professional. Tile Machines

    Widened film is your best choice; suitable for cutting medium hardness stone, ceramics, concrete, etc., high efficiency, wide range of use, suitable for medium engineering, professional users; suitable for high-speed cutting medium and high hardness stone, high cutting efficiency, good durability, suitable for large-scale engineering, professional stone production.Tile Machines