Tile Cutter Operating Specifications

- Oct 16, 2019-

First, desktop manual cutting machine

1. If there is a gap between the tile to be cut and the bottom tile, you can pad the appropriate thickness between the two to avoid the generation of corners.

2. Replace the appropriate saw blade: the larger the saw blade diameter, the better. The more the corundum content, the better. The coarse sand type is better than the fine sand. The higher the motor speed, the better.

3, appropriate reduction of cutting speed, recommended 1 m / min. The two hands are forced to push the cutting machine table forward to cut. When the contact point of the cutting piece and the tail of the brick are 10-20 mm, the advancing speed must be slowed down to control the collapse angle. In the push process, you can't press the bricks with both hands. You need to hold the bricks as shown below to make them close to the positioning rods.

Second, manual cutting machine:

1. It is recommended to use a cutting machine with a speed of 1 m/min or more.

2. The bottom of the brick should be flat; when cutting, add water to cool; the direction is retreating and cutting (consistent with the direction of rotation of the cutting piece). The method should be straight, not swinging left and right, and cutting at a slow speed; the cutting machine can not be pressed against the brick during the cutting process. , to follow the force, properly lift the cutting machine for cutting

3. Security matters:

During the cutting process, attention must be paid to the position of the saw blade and the speed of controlling the cutting product, and self-protection measures should be taken to prevent the cut;

The broken product of the product during the cutting process must be washed with water, and it is strictly prohibited to clean it directly by hand;

When cutting, keep a distance of more than 10mm between the hand and the cutting piece to prevent the cutting piece from hurting the hand.

Third, cutting considerations

In the process of cutting, properly control the cutting speed, the knife should be slower, the middle can be faster, and the knife must be slowly closed to prevent the corner.

Selection of saw blades: Different brick products are cut with different types of saw blades. For example, polished tiles should be used for peak shape, and microcrystalline stone and glazed tiles should be cut with fine sand saw blades to prevent sawtooth glaze. Antique bricks can be used to cut cutting costs with a long cutting blade.