Tile Machines Cutting Process

- Oct 09, 2017-

Manual tile cutting machine - common faults and their solutions Common problems: cutting line is not straight, the tiles do not with the knife, marks cracked. Tiles are broken, brick edges are not correct, or jagged. Scale is not allowed, cut the gap when the tile. Cause of troubleshooting.Tile Machines

Multi-functional tile stone cutting machine manufacturers products trial range: suitable for high-speed cutting ordinary stone, such as granite, tiles, marble and other stone, economical, sharp, water cutting for a wide range of suitable for engineering and public users; for high-speed cutting General stone, water cutting in the high hardness of stone, the front, in the life of moderate, suitable for small projects, non-specialized households. The use of a wide range of suitable for medium-sized engineering, professional users; for high-speed cutting high hardness of stone, cutting efficiency, durability Good, suitable for large-scale projects, professional stone production.Tile Machines

This machine can not only cut smoothly, but also improve the efficiency of more than 5 times, cutter wheel life extension of 2 to 4 times, cutting blade tidy, low cost, no electricity, no cooling water, no noise, light, easy to use and carry, so Welcomed by the majority of construction workers. Another wall and floor tiles factory waste angle broken edge of the waste brick can also be used to cut the waste into useful materials, reduce consumption, increase efficiency. Glass width as long as the scope of the machine allows the cutting efficiency than diamond glass knife high, and convenient, effort. The cut size is also easy to control. Especially in the thickening of the glass when this advantage is more obvious, it is also applicable to the mirror factory, flat glass processing plants, glass lighting factory.Tile Machines

Available at any time available 5 supplies cost cutting piece 20-100 / piece / 50 m blade can not be replaced blade can be replaced 15-80 yuan / month / 2000 m 6 maintenance requires professional knowledge and professional tools one-time use, Simple, no professional tools 7 environmental consumption time-consuming, power consumption, dust, noise, electricity, water, no noise, no dust, safety, environmental protection without electricity, water, no noise, no dust, safety and environmental protection 8 Systemic disease, lung disease.Tile Machines