Treatment Of Several Cases Of Tile Grinding Machine Grinding And Chamfering Polishing

- Oct 19, 2019-

Tile processing machinery (edging, chamfering, polishing) common treatment of several situations:

First, the level is uneven (the polished tiles have large and small heads); if the machine is used for a period of time, if the level is uneven, the reasons are:

1, the foundation is soft. A solid cement foundation that has not been tamped cannot withstand the weight of the mainframe itself, causing the main engine to sink, resulting in unevenness. Need to compact the foundation and level the fuselage.

2, the tile bracket feet are not fixed. It is easy to shift when grinding large tiles, resulting in differences in levels. Need to calibrate the bracket.

3, the machine used for a long time only replaces a small part of the conveyor chain block glue, the new and old block glue used together, the height is different, resulting in the polished tile has a size head. Replace all the glue or simply replace the entire conveyor chain.

4, the conveyor chain leads to uneven levels. The conveyor chain and the front conveyor belt are not in a straight line (not horizontal). Firstly adjust the height of the guide rail at the end of the tile (can be realized by adjusting the stroke screw screw under the guide rail), so that the tile can be transported on the conveyor chain of the guide rail from the beginning to the end when grinding, if the unevenness needs to be raised The stroke screw is flat until it is flat. The conveyor chain adjustment level on the left side of the machine is also reasoned according to this principle.

Second, the head or tail can not be polished:

1. The head and tail cannot be polished. The sprocket of the bone row is displaced after the main tile is inserted, which causes the tile to shift when it advances. First disassemble the two sets of hoods and correct the height and angle of the two sprocket wheels on the tile. The two sprocket wheels on the gearbox are the same.

2, can not be polished or polished in the middle: the front and rear platens are too loose, the tiles have a sinking phenomenon during grinding, resulting in excessive grinding of the intermediate tiles, resulting in no intermediate polishing or polishing. Just remove the boot shell and fasten the splint chain.