Type Block Machine Features

- Dec 07, 2018-

As shown in Figure 1, the operating system is controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller PLC and human-machine interface touch screen, equipped with data input device, safety logic control, and fault diagnosis system to achieve ideal human-machine dialogue.

2. Perform manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic mode operation. The parameters of each actuator can be set arbitrarily. The quality and efficiency of the product can be guaranteed. The 6-15 brick-free machine is designed with heavy structure.

3, the use of high-strength steel produced by special welding technology. It can ensure the rigidity of the body is good, it is self-important, and it does not resonate with the excitation system. It can extend the life of the machine.

4, three-cylinder pressurization, uniform force in the concrete forming process, solves the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic block machine vibration without pressure, achieves high pressure, a large number of forming, high pressure and flexural strength of the cement block, Provincial pallets and other characteristics.