Use And Characteristics Of Block Machines

- Jun 27, 2017-

        $literal-type automatic block forming machine is the present domestic Taiwan molding machine in the more advanced block molding machines, it is in the absorption of Germany, Italy, Japan and other foreign block forming machine based on the advantages of the development and manufacture of high-performance domestic molding equipment, compatible with road brick, road along the stone, river brick and hydraulic products, etc., at the same time can choose the level of two times cloth system, increase color effect, the use of storage material distribution device, independent foundation of the storage hopper, to overcome the premature liquefaction of concrete defects, To ensure the production of finished product quality, can be automatically completed from the feed to the output of the entire process.Block Machines.

        1, use: The block forming machine is suitable for fixed production of various specifications of the standard bricks, hollow blocks, perforated bricks, etc., concrete products

        2, Features: The block forming machine for mechanical, hydraulic, computer automatic control/electronic control of integrated technical equipment, with high efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and maintenance. The block forming is mainly hydraulic and mechanical, and the vibration is pressurized. The production of block products can reach a compressive strength of 15Mpa (MPA) above, high density, antifreeze, impermeability, sound insulation, heat insulation, excellent thermal insulation performance, accurate dimensions.Block Machines.

        This machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant national standards: machine, GB/T, 8533-1998, small block forming machine, professional recommendation standards. Product consistency is good, the use of electromechanical integration technology, so that the operation of equipment repeat cycle process is consistent, high stability, low scrap rate. Intelligent electronic control, automatic process selection of foreign Advanced Plc (programmable Controller) intelligent control, equipped with product process data input, storage touch screen, an ideal, flexible man-machine dialogue interface. The automatic control system includes advanced security logic to control action interlock and can be equipped with remote control system. Hydraulic system, reliable, optimized technology, the production of sophisticated hydraulic components supporting a reasonable hydraulic system design, the use of independent integrated hydraulic station, to avoid mainframe vibration, dust and other hydraulic system impact, so as to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system. Good adaptability of raw materials, advanced distribution of vibration molding technology, can be adapted to local conditions to use a variety of waste residue, reasonable reduction of cement dosage, the production of a variety of high-quality weight-bearing or non-load block products. Equipment universality is strong, through the simple replacement of molds, can quickly adjust product production, to the maximum extent to meet market demand, so that equipment to play the ultimate efficiency.Block Machines.