Use And Maintenance Of Cement Tile Machine

- Nov 27, 2018-

I. filter

1. The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned every time oil is changed;

2. Check and clean the air filter on the oil tank every 3 months, and preferably replace it every 1 year

3. The machine tool should be replaced if there is any abnormality of other filters such as relevant alarm or unclean oil quality;

Ii. Hydraulic components

1. Clean hydraulic components (substrate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipe, etc.) every month to prevent dirt from entering the system, and do not use cleaner;

2. After the new machine is used for one month, check whether there is any deformation at the bend of each oil pipe. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced

Connection, this work should be shut down, no pressure system.