What Are The Advantages Of The Tile Machine

- Mar 17, 2021-

Solution 1

1. Using infrared positioning, eliminating the cumbersome procedures of traditional sticking bricks and hanging lines to measure the level. This product is fast in positioning and can be vertically leveled and fixed in only 1 minute. 2. The operation is convenient and simple, and can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size and width of the tiles, without bricklayer operation. 3. High quality; the use of this equipment for sticking bricks solves the problem of empty drum and large vertical flatness error caused by manual sticking of bricks. Using this equipment can achieve the highest level of empty drum and vertical flatness of zero. This is a quality that humans can never achieve. 4. Fast speed; a tile sticking machine can stick bricks a day more than four times that of a professional bricklayer. It can reach 40 to 200 square meters. 5. Light weight and easy to carry; the weight of the whole set of equipment is 20 kg. All equipment can be lifted up in a beautiful aluminum alloy box. 6. The product has high precision; each part of the product is made of high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the error is controlled at about 0.1mm. 7. Simple operation; all installation procedures can be completed only ten minutes before the bricks are glued, and the width and height of the working surface can be adjusted arbitrarily. 8. Wide adaptability; the size of tiles on the market can be adjusted arbitrarily. 9. High efficiency, firmness, no need to joint again after tiling, the wall is beautiful, smooth and clean, and it is generally suitable for wall decoration. 10. The service life of the product can be as long as more than ten years. The applicability of the product will tell the truth, promote the effect, and spread the word of mouth.

Solution 2

The tiler is produced in compliance with ceramic tiles. Compared with other tiler, it has the following advantages: Advantage 1: High cost performance. The tile sticking machine uses the least time to apply the tiles perfectly and accurately. It is cost-effective and has a style, especially the European and American wall covering style, which is very delicate. Advantage 2: Easy to buy. Online shopping is convenient and fast, and a lot of tile sticking machines will appear in a random search of Taobao stores, which is very convenient. You can also buy them in physical stores. You can consult the clerk at the building materials decoration store to see what the price is. The above suggestions are for reference only.

Solution 3

There are still many advantages of the tile machine. The most important advantage is that it saves labor, money, and time. Relatively speaking, the tile machine is more convenient, you can use it when you want to use it, and it can be used multiple times with one purchase, and it's all automatic, saving a lot of effort. But at the same time, the tile machine will also bring many disadvantages, which depends on your needs. At present, the sales range of tile machine is not wide, and it is not easy to buy.

Answer 4

I have seen the tiler when decorating the house, and I feel that it is fast and high in quality. Because it is very convenient to use, there is no need for manual operation at all, and this kind of machine can be adjusted accurately, very accurate, the speed is about half of the manual time, it is very time-saving and labor-saving, and the quality is good, I personally I feel that there are almost no shortcomings, and it is very practical. Personal advice, you can refer to it.