What Are Tile Roofs And What Kinds Of Tile Roofing Can Be Classified Into?

- May 19, 2018-

Tile roof is used as waterproof material such as flat tile, corrugated tile and small green tile, and the waterproof roof is achieved by the overlap joint between tile and tile. Tile roofing can be divided into flat tile roofing, felt tile roofing and metal plate roofing.

(1) flat roofed roofs are roofing with concrete flat tiles and clay tiles laid on reinforced concrete or wood base. Flat tile, or clay tile, also called machine flat tile, is a tile made of clay and molded by pressing the clay into the convex and concave edges. The general size is 380~420mm long, 240mm about wide, 50mm thick;

(2) the linoleum tile is a new type of roofing waterproof material, which is based on the glass fiber felt. After soaking the asphalt, it covers the colored mineral grain, the other is separated by the material and the tile roofing material is made by cutting.

(3) metal waterproof roof is made of steel, aluminum and other metal materials as roofing waterproof roofs.

A) corrugated steel roof, which is generally used for light roofs of industrial buildings.

B) pressure type metal composite board roof, which is used in combination with metal press plate and foam plastic. It has waterproof and thermal insulation efficiency and is used for high demand industrial buildings and civil buildings.

C) pressure type steel roof, which is made of zinc plate and aluminum plate as base material, is pressed and applied with various anticorrosive and color roving paint.

D) metal flat roofs, especially for buildings with special requirements, and can be used in combination with other materials.